[Trust in Nature]

"..Trust in Nature, in the small Things that hardly anyone sees and that can so suddenly become huge, immeasurable.." - Rainer Maria Rilke


This morning I experienced something so profound by trusting in the small things, the small things that became suddenly huge.

I awoke at the edge of a sleepy lake in my hammock pining for all that I am going to see on this journey... dreaming of glaciers and mustangs... envisioning waterfalls and wildflowers... eager escape the familiar and to explore the unknown. So eager, I lay with my eyes closed until I felt the sun peer above the trees and warm my skin. 


I lazily unwrapped myself from my cocoon only to find my soul creature standing in the edge of the still waters before me. The great blue heron's gaze pierced my soul to the core.

How could I want to be anywhere but in this very moment?

How could I be dreaming of somewhere else when perfection is all around me?

I spent the rest of the morning silently taking in the most brilliant performance... herons, opsrey, barred owls, kingfishers, and red-winged blackbirds danced and dove above the lake just for me. 


Before I left behind this hidden gem of a moment, I waded out into the cool waters, floated on my back, and gave thanks to the heavens, thanks for the lesson that nature always provides.


My dear friends, please heed the advice of Rainer Maria Rilke…


Peace. Love. Field notes.